Ian Millman

experienced in Philanthropy and Community Involvement

With non-profit and philanthropic experience

Ian Millman has been a pillar of the Dix Hills, New York community for more than a decade, and has been instrumental in the development of multiple youth athletics programs. As a former educator and professional athlete, he has long been convinced of the importance of a thriving sports community that can support the larger community in a number of ways. As a current president of one such group, he works hard to fulfill that commitment to the community—and he does not disappoint.

Currently, Ian Millman is president of the New York Nine, a 501c()3 non-profit organization and youth summer travel league. With this organization, he has been able to provide hundreds of young players with a group that can teach them important life skills, as well as prepare their potential for a career among other elite players.

He founded this non-profit organization in 2005, alongside his good friend Frank “Buddy” Paine – another Major League Scout who primarily works in the North-East. It began because they both saw a gap that young athletes kept falling into. Many schools lacked the experience in high-level athletics, or simply didn’t understand the difference between youth and major league athletic organizations. Ian Millman and Frank Paine realized that there needed to be an organization that could better help prepare serious young athletes for scholarship level collegiate athletics, as well as professional-league draft. Together, they have seen more than 277 young players earn themselves respect and success on the diamond. Of those players, more than 265 have gone on to earn college scholarships or professional contracts – 96% of all eligible New York Nine players!

In 2018, Ian Millman oversaw the merger of the New York Nine team with the Bayside Yankees. Both of these youth organizations aim to provide young players a place to grow and develop under the guidance of high-level players. This merger has been abundantly successful, and has already sent 15 players into the pro ranks. Ian and the other leaders expect to continue providing impressive young talents with opportunities to shine. This has been one of the most successful projects that Ian has run, and he is proud to be able to watch the growth and development of his athlete’s raw abilities into refined and sharpened skills.

Ian Millman has long supported  the efforts of those involved in community improvement. As a Minor League athlete, he was deeply involved in the close-knit communities of local businesses and organizations, which worked to help support the efforts of minor-league sports teams of all kinds. His experience in the minor leagues includes the Catskill Cougars, the Albany Diamond Dogs, and the Bayou Bulldogs – two New York teams and one in the Los Angeles Area. 

Today, much of his time is spent working in his career as a Major League Baseball Scout. Outside of that, he enjoys spending time alongside his wife and daughter.

Much of Ian Millman’s experience in leading the community has been through his work with young minds. He has been an educator and youth leader for much of his adult life, and he plans to continue finding ways to help infuse the community he lives with a renewed vigor and life. He has found that young adults and children are the foundation of a community, and building a better community requires that you provide the community of tomorrow a better life today.