With today’s global situation leaving people feeling more disconnected than ever, it is essential to focus on activities that leave people feeling fulfilled. The youth especially need outlets that aid in their development to becoming well-rounded adults. 

Unfortunately, reports have shown that in recent years, participation in youth athletics has decreased. This statistic is hugely disheartening because sports positively impact youth in ways that will stick with them for life. They not only foster the importance of working well together as a team; they also teach our younger generation to have a strong work ethic in other areas of their lives. 

To keep youth sports alive, you need volunteers. Volunteering in youth sports is crucial because having a great team behind the scenes makes an athlete thrive. It instills in the youth that independence is paramount to succeed in life, but so is having people they can rely on to support their skill development. This idea also goes hand in hand with volunteering for community service. In contrast, it shows the youth that they have the opportunity to make a positive impact on other people’s lives. Volunteering for community service emphasizes the vital lesson of always using your power for good and helping others in need whenever you can. 

According to an article on NHFS, student-athletes and community service are a win-win strategy. At Salem High School in New Hampshire, student-athletes involving themselves in community service is a tradition that brings the school pride. Some of the ways student-athletes have contributed to their community include singing Christmas carols at the local nursing home, raising funds for Special Olympics, and raising funds for cancer and other disease research through Coaches vs. Cancer and other activities.

As stated by one student in the article, “community service is valuable because it shows us what we should be grateful for and what we should not take for granted.” It puts a smile on both the youth athlete’s face and the person fortunate enough to receive the help they need. Additionally,  the article mentions that community service is a critical element in developing well-rounded citizens. The link between volunteering and community service emphasizes that we all can use support from our community, whether we need essentials or even just the motivation to do our best.